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Cookie Dough Info

Cookie Dough Information


Guidelines for Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough is an earned reward for each Girl Scout who participates in the cookie program and sells a minimum of 100 packages of cookies. Cookie Dough is earned per packages sold as follows:

  • 100-150 packages - $.20/pkg.
  • 151-225 packages - $.25/pkg.
  • 226+ packages - $.30/pkg.

Cookie Dough will be issued on personalized cards and mailed directly to parents in May. Cards will have a 19-digit code on the back to be used when completing paper registration forms for membership or programs.

Girls' sales through April 2, 2017 will count toward their 2017 rewards and will expire March 31, 2018.

Cookie Dough for the 2015-2016 season will expire December 22, 2016.


Where to Use Cookie Dough

Camp Opportunities

CD may be used to pay for up to 100% of a camp session fee, excluding the registration fee. When mailing in your camp registration form, include the cookie dough 19-digit code from the back of the card in the space provided. CD may be applied to the balance due amount of the camp fee.  Refunds will not be made once the bill is paid in full.


Girl Scouts of the USA national and international Destinations are a fabulous opportunity for girls age 11 and older. CD may be applied to the expenses incurred for these activities, and must be submitted prior to departure.

Council Program Events

Girls may use CD to pay up to 50% of the per-girl fee for Council-sponsored programs listed in the Program Guide.  Click here for the 2015-2016 Program Guide. Enter the 19-digit code on the paper registration form from the Guide.  You do not need to send in the card. (Cookie dough codes cannot be used with online registrations. Please use paper registration forms)

Membership Fee

Girls may use their CD to pay their $15 Membership fee and $15 Council Service fee for the following membership year.  Please use a paper registration and note the 19-digit code from the back of the card in the space provided. You do not need to send back the card.  (Cookie dough codes cannot be used with online registrations. Please use paper registration forms)

Our Store & Trading Posts

Cookie Dough may be used to make in-person purchases at our store, The Mountain Top Shop in Bedford, NH or Williston, VT for all items except earned recognitions.  Most camp trading posts will be able to accept cookie dough.

Cookie Dough can not be used as payment online at the Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains online store. Please call the store and use the cookie dough code verbally for your order, or use the paper form found here to mail your order. Cookie Dough is not valid for orders outside GSGWM or on our national online store.

Transfer of Cookie Dough
  • To a family sibling: Girl Scouts may transfer their CD to a sibling who is a registered GSGWM Girl Scout.
  • To the Girl Assistance Fund: Girl Scouts may transfer their CD to help other Girl Scouts through the Girl Assistance Fund, which provides assistance to girls in need of membership dues, sashes, vests, insignia, handbooks, and financial assistance to GSGWM-sponsored program events. CD transferred to the Girl Assistance Fund may not be designated to a specific Girl Scout or Community, but any Girl Scout is welcome to apply for money from this fund.
  • To a national or international Destinations participant: see above.
  • Use this form to redirect cookie dough to any of these options.