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Girls, are you ready to Unleash the HERO Inside? The 2017 Fall Product Sale begins September 15 – October 20, 2017, and it promises to be super fun and a great way to kick off your Girl Scout year!

Girl Scouts will be able to sell nuts and candies in-person or online, along with magazines, photo keepsakes, and some new online-only items. Below are some resources to keep handy if you have questions about the products, important due dates, taking orders, and more. Still have questions? Please contact Customer Care at 888-474-9686.

Help for CPSCs and Leaders
Forms for Troops

2017-2018 Nut-E Troop Guide
A quick step-by-step for troops using Nute.

2017-2018 FPS Alert Form
The ACH sweep for what troops owe council is December 8. Should your troop not have the full amount available in your bank account, complete this form by Monday, December 4.

Fall Product Booth Sales – an option for all troops to earn extra proceeds. This form confirms your location. Order your product in Nut-E per your CPSC’s instructions.

Even MORE Girl Power!

Use the following activities to get girls excited about the 2017 Fall Product Sale.  

59 Minute - Quick Start SM

59 Minute – Quick Start SM is an easy way to supercharge your troop's early start-up funds! Girls talk on the phone with friends and family and earn money at the same time. It's fun, easy, and it only takes 59 minutes!

Hero Fortune Teller

Hero Fortune Teller
Have the girls assemble this fortune teller to think about what random acts of kindness they can write under the flaps. There are lots of ideas! Challenge them everyday to use the fortune teller and select a random act of kindness!

Super Girl Power

Super Girl Power
Use this comic cover template to have girls draw themselves as a superhero on the cover and highlight what their super power is!

Super Cat Basket

CPSC Leader Training Deck

Super Cat Basket
Girls can create this basket to hold all the pens, pencils, and scissors they will need to have a successful booth sale.

Product Trivia

Fall Product Trivia and Answer Key
How well do your girls know the fall product? Find out using this trivia sheet and check it against the included answer sheet.