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Recent Gold Award Projects

Our congratulations to these outstanding young women whose Gold Award projects have inspired each to find the greatness inside themselves and share their ideas and passions with their communities and beyond.

  • Laura Benoit

    Teens with Depression 
    To increase awareness about teens with depression and the sometimes devastating consequences, Laura created educational materials and a curriculum to be taught in her school's health class. Her resources focused on helping teens and adults recognize the signs and learn what to do to help.

  • Terryn Brunelle

    Raise Pelham High SAT Scores Initiative 
    Wishing to help her fellow students raise their SAT scores, Terryn created an SAT strategy guide and mentored and tutored students at Pelham High School. She also condensed her guide into a PowerPoint presentation, and her tutoring program will continue on to help future students at the school.

  • Elizabeth Eaton

    Spirit, Sportsmanship, and Storage
    Recognizing a need to improve school spirit and sportsmanship at Moultonborough Academy, Elizabeth developed spirit games and activities, including awards for good sportsmanship. She also built a shed to provide storage for sports equipment and a place to sell snacks during softball games.

  • Alexia Gilardi

    Animal Shelter Awareness
    Alexia raised awareness about animal shelters and pet adoption by creating educational materials, pamphlets, flyers, and a social media presence. She also worked with the Salem Animal Rescue League and created a fun patch program for younger girls to continue collecting donations for animals in need.

  • Katherine Goyette

    Health for All
    Katherine created a health class curriculum to help both teens and teachers be more comfortable with the health issues affecting the LGBT community. She also presented her work at her school, Phillips Exeter Academy.

  • ElizabethGreenwood

    Between the Bases: A Girl's Baseball Journey
    Elizabeth wrote a book about girls and women playing baseball to give younger girls a role model and challenge gender inequality. Her project empowers young girls and shows that they are just as capable and strong as boys. She also shared her experiences with presentations to the community.

  • Sarah Heimberg

    Project A-OK
    With the goal of making it more socially acceptable and less embarrassing to ask for help, whether for addiction, mental illness, or even smaller issues, Sarah created a video of her interviews with people talking about reducing the stigma of asking for help. A-OK stands for Ask for help, Offer help, Keep it going.

  • Cassandra Jillson

    The Effects of Gardening as a Team with Young Children
    Noticing that children at the Sunrise Children’s Center in Amherst had a difficult time cooperating as a group to accomplish a common goal, Cassandra created a garden of wildflowers and rosemary to teach children to communicate, divide tasks, and help each other.

  • Christina Kennamer

    Art in Hedgehog Park
    Wanting to promote the use of outdoor spaces in her community, Christina focused on improving her local park. She installed landscaping by planting trees and flowers, painted an outdoor mural, and created an educational pamphlet to increase awareness about Hedgehog Park and encourage people to enjoy nature.

  • Katherine Legier

    Recovery in Action
    To address the opioid addiction crisis and try to erase the stigma that comes with being in recovery, Katherine brought her community together in a public forum discussion. She also created a program with the White Mountains Recovery Center to gather donations and assemble care packages for individuals in recovery.

  • Cailinn Monahan

    The Power Within!
    Cailinn’s project was designed to spread positivity through her community. She created a Facebook page to share inspirational photos and memes, wrote a story about overcoming bullying, and created a rock-painting project to empower and inspire others and remind them that they are not alone.

  • Lily Perkins

    Sunshine for Seniors
    Lily addressed the problem of loneliness in nursing homes with her project. She created a Facebook community page to encourage volunteering at nursing homes, wrote a book about a nursing home’s residents and their memories, and did projects with residents to improve the quality of their lives.

  • Annalise Poisson

    The Importance of Equal Accessibility in Health Care
    Annalise organized a Young Women’s Health Expo in Nashua to address the importance of affordable and equal accessibility to health care for all women. U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan was the keynote speaker.

  • Holly Rohlfs

    The Importance of Healthy Lakes
    To raise awareness about human impact on the environment and Newfound Lake, Holly worked with the Newfound Lake Regional Association and created a pamphlet and video to educate the public on how to maintain lake health and cleanliness. She also took on landscaping projects around the lake and wrote a blog.

  • Cordelia Scales

    Cider Mill Recreation Space
    To increase the utilization of public conservation lands and encourage people to enjoy the outdoors, Cordelia improved the recreational space at the Cider Mill Trailhead in Hollis. She created a covered picnic space, a pollinator plot, an information kiosk, a small trail to a heron rookery, and benches. She was also chosen as the VFW New Hampshire State Scout of the Year.

  • Christina Wiles

    Arms Open
    To address the issue of bullying in schools, Christina created a mentoring program between high school and elementary school children. Her mentoring manual will serve as a handbook for future mentors. Christina advanced two ranks in the Vermont Army National Guard in recognition of her achievement.