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Recent Gold Award Projects

Our congratulations to these outstanding young women whose Gold Award projects have inspired each to find the greatness inside themselves and share their ideas and passions with their communities and beyond.

  • Gabrielle Baron

    Sensory and Me
    Sensory and Me helped children benefit from sensory exploration opportunities at their town library. She collected and packaged 12 bags of interesting items for each of 10 sensory bins for young children to explore. Not only has the Hooksett Public Library benefitted from her work, but libraries in Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont have agreed to replicate her project for their children.

  • Kathryn Brennan

    Tracey’s Trail
    Tracey’s Trail gives young children a way to safely enjoy the outdoors. She blazed and cleared a 1-mile trail at Horizons day camp, along with creating signs for the trail and scavenger hunt pamphlets for children to learn about their local environment. She was successful at providing an opportunity for younger children to learn about the outdoors and learn to love being outside.

  • Mackenzie Byron-Chaput

    Plastic Recycling and Awareness
    With the world swimming in plastic waste, Mackenzie set out to change things with Plastic Recycling and Awareness. She collected over 1,000 pounds of waste plastic to recycle into two benches by setting up donation locations, and worked to educate people on what types of plastic can be recycled. The project has been of enormous benefit to the town of Sandown, NH, providing incentives for recycling and beautifying the community.

  • Rachel Chubb

    Organic Chemistry Prep Course
    Rachel wanted to increase the number of women in the chemistry field with her project, Organic Chemistry Prep Course. Since many college students drop out of pre-med due to the difficulty of organic chemistry classes, she developed a channel of videos dedicated to making the subject understandable, applicable, and fun. She also organized a virtual event to talk to younger students about the field of study.

  • Shea Decoteau

    Sargent Trail Bridge
    Allowing the public to enjoy the outdoors safely spurred Shea to build a wood and steel footbridge over a stream on a hiking trail in Brookline, NH. Shea also built a small bridge for her Silver Award, which has inspired this Girl Scout to go for a degree in engineering to build larger bridges. She expects the bridge to last well into the future.

  • Erica Faucher

    Battling Vitamin D Deficiency in Nursing Home Residents
    Battling Vitamin D Deficiency in Nursing Home Residents is exactly what Erica did. She built a wheelchair-accessible picnic table and even a wheelchair swing for residents at a nursing home, along with creating a brochure and activity guide to help get residents of the home outdoors where they can get some sun – the source of Vitamin D. She gained skills in carpentry as well as organization, and made close connections with the nursing home residents.

  • Morgan Flett

    Merrimack Field Hockey Feeder Program
    With her Merrimack Field Hockey Feeder Program, Morgan created a program to allow children in grades 3-5 to discover field hockey and prepare those interested to join field hockey programs in middle and high school. Despite pandemic restrictions, she safely introduced the sport to many children and created a program that her high school and others can use to start their own field hockey programs.

  • Amanda Fulton

    Helping Bats and Educating Community
    Amanda worked to educate the public about the importance of bats for a healthy ecosystem with Helping Bats and Educating Community. She made presentations to her community, built and donated bat boxes, created brochures and a website to educate the public on the plight of bats, and has worked with the New Boston Forestry Commission to maintain the boxes.

  • Cassandra Guillemette

    Monkton Elementary School Compost and Educational Plan
    Monkton Elementary School Compost and Educational Plan was Cassandra’s answer to a new Vermont law requiring that people recycle food scraps. With help from her grandfather, Cassandra built a large 3-bin composting station out of pallets for her elementary school, and educated the school on how to use it. She also created a slide show on the project to help other schools created their own station and composting program.

  • Emma Hansen

    Be the Change
    Be the Change was a two-and-a-half year effort to boost civic awareness and education in Emma’s community. She advocated for renovations to her middle school, helped Brownies earn their Democracy badge, and wrote a children’s book called “Mom for Mayor.” Her advocacy helped get voters to approve a nearly $50 million renovation to Woodbury Middle School in Salem, NH.

  • Sarah Hardy

    Nature Selfie Stands
    Keeping people safe while taking photos was the goal of Nature Selfie Stands, a project Sarah completed by installing five granite posts with camera holders along hiking trails in Merrimack, NH. People often put themselves in danger trying to take a special “selfie” along these trails, and her posts will make photo-taking safer. Hardy encourages posting to Instagram with the hashtag #gsgwmselfiestands, or tag with @ nhselfiestands.

  • Sage Herr

    Feel Good Geocaching
    Sage wanted to promote mental health wellness by getting more people outdoors. She created seven wellness-themed geocaches, which she placed around Lincoln, Plymouth, and Campton, NH. Each contains trinkets Sage made from clay to be taken by those who find the caches. They can be found through

  • Allyson Hocter

    Creating Community Connections
    Volunteering to make the world a better place is a lifestyle for this Girl Scout. Allyson wanted to make it easier for more people volunteer, so she created a database of volunteer opportunities and nonprofits around Jaffrey, NH. This database now gives both volunteers and organizations in need a way to find each other. It is now available through the Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce.

  • Ella Lawson

    Sewing for Safety
    As the COVID-19 pandemic began, Ella wants to provide personal protective equipment to anyone in need. She learned to sew by creating face masks, both sewing hundreds herself and organizing others to make masks, which she distributed to Families in Transition in Manchester, NH. She also created presentations for other Girl Scouts to learn to sew masks.

  • Elijah Lembo

    Rescue and Rehome
    Rescue and Rehome is Elijah’s project to rescue horses from the slaughter pipeline and then rehabilitate and rehome them. They created TikTok videos to show the public the hidden problem of horse abuse and slaughter. They also worked with Hidden Pond Farm Equine Rescue, which trains some horses to become therapy animals and also offers trail rides and summer camp.

  • Rachel Mazur

    Amherst Conservation Trails Video
    Amherst Conservation Trails Video was designed to educate high school students about trail conservation and to inspire them to explore by creating a video that is informative and humorous. She encourages the public to spend more time outside, try something new, and shows them where they can find walking trails in their area. Her video is posted on the Amherst town website for all to see.

  • Anya Nicoll

    Green Burials in New Hampshire
    When Anya learned through a German class project how difficult it is to bury a human body without embalming, she set out the change a state law making it easier for families to have more environmentally friendly burials without embalming. As of May, her legislation was still under consideration, but state Rep. Jerry Knirk intends to see it through.

  • Tabitha Nugent

    Tabitha’s Gold Award for Animals in Shelters
    Tabitha’s Gold Award for Animals in Shelters resulted from Tabitha’s passion for helping animals. She gave more than 135 hours to working with animals at the VCA Riverside Veterinary Hospital, organized donations, created a mural and brochure for Pope Memorial SPCA in Concord, NH, and created a website. She plans to become a veterinary surgeon in order to make the world a better place for animals long into the future.

  • Kaitlin Rocca

    PASUGI - Pay Attention, Speak Up, Get Involved
    PASUGI - Pay Attention, Speak Up, Get Involved addressed the need for American citizens to be informed and involved in order to have government that works. She built a campaign to educate people on civic awareness that included videos, a website, and in-person presentations. She is so inspired to get people to pay attention and get involved that she hopes to become a constitutional lawyer.

  • Melinda Rolls

    Mindfulness for Children
    Helping children get past worries and anxieties was important to Melinda, who wrote, illustrated, and published a book called “Worry Stars: Helping Children Mindfully Cope With Worries for her project, Mindfulness for Children. She worked with a clinical psychologist to incorporate helpful techniques children can put into action.

  • Meaghan Shepard

    Humane Society Pet Activity Booklet
    Helping animals and teaching children how to help them was the goal of Meaghan’s work in Humane Society Pet Activity Booklet. She created a booklet for the Humane Society to reinforce what children learn when they visit the shelter. She also worked with Brownies to help them earn their Pet badge. The Humane Society for Greater Nashua has agreed to reprint her booklet for future use.