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For girls in NH and VT who are 4 years old and under, or not yet in Kindergarten.

What Girl Sprouts Do

As a Girl Sprout, she will learn about honesty, sharing, being helpful, how to be kind to her friends, and most importantly, to have fun!

Download our fun activity booklet that will guide her through five skill building areas that will help prepare her for Kindergarten, Girl Scouts, and life.

As a Girl Sprout she might:

Earn a free Girl Sprout patch by completing the activity booklet

Explore nature and the outdoors

Gain knowledge about the largest Girl-Led organization in the world and get ready to embark on her Daisy Girl Scout Journey

Once you have completed the Girl Sprouts activity booklet, fill out the Girl Sprouts Interest Form to receive your free Girl Sprouts patch.

Girl Sprouts Interest Form

Girl Information

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Parent Information

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