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Resource Lending Library

Reserve flags, cookie costumes, Journey and Cookie Rally Boxes, and more!

Step 1: Click Reserve Items Now! (at present items are only available through our Bedford Service Center, more locations coming soon).

Step 2: Scroll through the photos and click on the photo of the item you want to reserve.

Step 3: To view the item description click the question mark at the bottom of the photo. This will open up a new window with the item’s description and reservation procedures. Close this window when done reviewing item.

Step 4: If you have not reserved an item previously through this online system you will need to set up a “library card” below. For your Card Number please use your Troop Number and your initials. For example “Troop22693sae”. Create a password that is unique to you. Keep your Card number and password handy, as you will need this each time you reserve an item.

Step 5: Select the first day you want to pick up your item. Items can only be picked up at the location they are held or elsewhere with prior arrangements (currently all items listed are at Bedford and therefore must be picked up in Bedford unless other arrangements are made). Please contact Customer Care to make arrangements to have an item transported to a location closer to you.

Step 6:  Enter your Card Number and Password to reserve your item. You will receive an email confirming this reservation. Click on the Calendar button to add a reminder appointment of the pick up date to your Outlook calendar.


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