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The 2018 Fall Product Sale is from September 15 – October 26, 2018. We are encouraging every girl to Speak Up and Lead The Way — encouraging girls to find their own voice, to make a difference in their communities and beyond.

Girls will be able to sell nuts and candies in-person or online along with magazines, photo keepsakes, and some new online-only items. Be sure to check out this year's Girl Scout collectible tin — a must-have for you and for a special friend.

Deliveries will be just before the holidays, so plan on picking up lots of treats and gifts for your upcoming holiday gift giving. Not only are these exceptional quality chocolates and nuts, but your Girl Scout's troop will benefit from the proceeds for her troop and credit toward rewards she is striving for.


Participate in BOTH the Fall Product Sale and the Girl Scout Cookie sale and you will earn this exclusive patch! It’s easy! Reach $150 in sales during the Fall Product sale, then sell 150 or more packages of Girl Scout cookies. Wow, you’re a Super Seller!



In addition to great products for you and great rewards for girls, customers may opt to make a $5 donation to our Gift of Caring program. New this year, online customers may make a gift of caring donation that will support the USO.


We are excited that a whole new database will be in place this fall, combining Nut-e with QSP for an all-in-one system. Not only will this be simpler for leaders, but easier for customers as well! There will be lots of information in the coming weeks and months so you’ll be ready to Lead the Way in your community!

Troop leaders should contact their CPSC for upcoming training and information about the 2018 Fall Product Sale. CPSCs will have training in late August, or Farnsworth Weekend and then share information with their troops.