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Campette in Salem, NH

Mon Aug 05, 9:00 AM - Fri Aug 09, 12:00 PM EST
St. Joseph Church, Salem, NH Map
Outdoors, STEM, Arts, Health & Fitness
Brownie, Daisy, Junior

Live in the Windham or Salem area? Check out our new Campette program, where you’ll have a day-camp-like week of activities for five half-days. Go on an adventure, play games, learn new skills, and make new friends. Open to all girls in grades K-5.

Choose from 4 awesome themes!

Living Healthy and Staying Fit
Play games and create your own for a new adventure. Learn how to stay active and why exercise and eating healthy is important. Make your own healthy snack, do yoga, and more!

Artsy Adventure
Create art in the outdoors using new mediums and methods. Paint, draw, sculpt, make collages, and think about art in new and exciting ways. Choose a new project each day and play art games.

Space and Science
Discover the planets, moons, and stars! Learn all about our universe and the science behind it. Make your own space craft, learn lab safety and how to use scientific equipment, design your own experiment, and learn about women in science.

The Performing Arts
Act, dance, make music, or a combination! Play improv games, try musical warmups, learn new styles of dance, and make your own dance routines. Act out scenes from plays and musicals, as well as create your own skits.

Check out our flyer!

Windham/Salem Campette Flyer and Registration Form