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Dress a Girl World Thinking Day Project a Huge Success

GSGWM Alumnae Association Says “Thank You” for Over 1,000 Donations

We would like to say Thank You to everyone who celebrated World Thinking Day with us. Our council-wide Dress a Girl advocacy project was a huge success, and we are thrilled to report that over 1,000 dresses were donated by GSGWM’s Girl Scouts, their families, and alumnae members (500 dresses were dropped off at our open house event) — making a far-reaching, positive impact in the lives of at-risk girls in Haiti. The open-house event was exciting and lively as attendees learned about Haiti and experienced the culture first hand by playing games such as Osselets and enjoyed tasty Haitian treats.

Please read on as Jacqueline Dewey, Ambassador of Dress a Girl, provides a letter of gratitude for everyone’s support:

To the Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains, mothers, grandmothers and friends:

A big shout out for a tremendous effort in sewing 500 beautiful dresses for girls in Haiti and other developing countries. I have gone through and looked at each adorable dress. I applaud the time it took to sew, add the details, the hidden pockets, special sewing stitches, trims and buttons that individualize each dress. I am most certain the girls will be full of joy and feel dignity in wearing their lovingly made dress.

In the past we have seen girls so excited with their NEW dresses that they walk around with their arms out parallel to the ground. The girls feel that the dresses are so precious that if they rest their arms alongside their body it might dirty their special dress.

Dress a Girl is touched by the care in making handmade black dolls, the octopus dolls, the sock dolls, the letters in Creole and the warm fleece blankets. Thank you for so many pair of panties. I wouldn’t want my child to be without panties and I can see you feel the same.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your Thinking Day project. We all gained knowledge together as we learned about the poverty around the world. It may be some time before the dresses actually reach the girls. I will follow through with hopes of receiving pictures of the girls in your dresses.

Many thanks for welcoming me into your council and for all your efforts on behalf of the girls in need.

Jacqueline Dewey
Ambassador Dress a Girl
Southern Maine and NH