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ARMI/BioFabUSA Biofabrication Patch Program


In 2019, Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains began a collaboration with a public-private Manufacturing USA initiative called the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI) to increase girls’ awareness and interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) for future careers.

GSGWM pioneered this collaborative and creative partnership with ARMI|BioFabUSA to:

  • Increase girls’ awareness of and interest in the STEM fields, and the biofabrication industry in particular;
  • Learn about the biofabrication industry, the value it brings to society, and meet professionals already working in the field; and
  • Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains staff will partner with industry experts to offer biofabrication-related activities to enhance existing STEM programs, and create web-based resource videos that will help local troop leaders and other volunteers to deliver learning on such complex subjects as mechanical engineering, robotics, coding, and more.

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Patch Program Curriculum
   ARMI/BioFabUSA Biofabrication Patch

Girl Scouts are natural-born scientists. Learn how biology and fabrication come together to build something that is alive! How can we use creative and innovative ways to help people who are sick, get hurt, or just need extra help? Can we help a person who needs a new heart? Scientists are combining biology and manufacturing to do just this.

When you have earned this patch, you will have an understanding of what biofabrication is, how it works, and what it may do for us in the future.

ARMI/BioFabUSA Biofabrication Patch Curriculum and Evaluation
Biofabrication Patch Order Form

Check calendar for upcoming virtual programs to earn the patch program.

Ghostly Heart Kits
Ghostly Heart Kits

Try the Ghostly heart Experiment from the patch program curriculum at a troop meeting. Borrow one of GSGWM's experiment kits and be amazed!

Contact Customer Care at or 888-474-9686 to reserve one.