Tips For Success | GSGWM

Decide as a troop what your plans are for the year. What are the projects and activities you want to do?

How can the Girl Scout Cookie program help you reach those goals.

What are some of your own personal goals? Do you want to go to camp? Maybe you want a specific reward!

What local businesses could you visit who might want to buy for their employees or customers - or give to Gift of Caring?

Booth Sales will be a fun way to accelerate your sale.

  • Make posters, share with your customers what your goals are. 
  • Create a theme!
  • Print recipe cards to give your customers - they may buy more!
  • Put up a small sign showing you can accept credit cards. Digital Cookie will allow you to accept credit card payments. 
  • Wear your vest over your coat or a Girl Scout hat or other accessories to show your Girl Scout pride.