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Girl Scouting has an adventure for every girl, providing vital programming that will help build important skills that will last a lifetime. Support of Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains’ Girl Assistance Fund allows us to ensure every New Hampshire and Vermont girl who wishes to be a Girl Scout may do so, regardless of her family’s economic circumstances.

Girl Assistance

In recent years, we have expanded outreach to financially at-risk girls with dramatic results. For girls with financial need, the benefits of Girl Scout participation are particularly striking. Girl Scouting provides opportunities for these girls to explore and experience new activities, including summer camp, which they might not have access to otherwise.

Because of our commitment to girls in need, we have seen requests for financial assistance rise dramatically, putting a strain on our already-stretched Girl Assistance Fund. In 2017, we awarded over $96,000 in financial assistance, an increase of 54% over 2016. Assistance covers membership dues, program and curriculum materials, uniforms, program registration fees, transportation support, and summer camp experiences.      


Give a girl the experience she’ll always remember. When asked about her summer at camp, 11-year-old Katie wrote, “I enjoyed meeting new people, making new friends and doing the low ropes course because we had to work together as a team.” Abby, a nine year old girl wrote, “Girl Scout camp is the best. It has swimming, archery, horseback riding and a lot more.”

The outdoor programs offered by Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains are unique as they guide girls toward independence, leadership and an appreciation of the outdoors. Campership assistance makes camp accessible for girls who would not otherwise be able to participate in these programs. Please consider giving a girl the experience of a lifetime at camp. Make this summer one she will always remember. 

With your support, these girls will gain confidence, independence, and a stronger sense of self, while developing leadership skills they can call upon for the rest of their lives.