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Adult Recognition Nomination Form

 Service Team Member
 Girl Scout Member

About The Nominee


Any active adult member of GSGWM can be nominated for one of the awards listed below. Nominations can be made by girls, families, volunteers, and staff.

All nominations, except the Torchbearer Award, require Letters of Endorsement written by someone other than the person submitting the nomination. The Torchbearer Award requires an additional nomination form.

 Volunteer of Excellence Award
 Appreciation Pin
 Honor Pin
 Thanks Badge
 Thanks Badge II
 New Found Treasure
 Torchbearer Award



Endorsement Requirements

Award Letters of Endorsement
Volunteer of Excellence Award
1 Letter
Appreciation Pin 2 letters
Honor Pin
3 Letters
Thanks Badge 4 Letters
Thanks Badge II
4 Letters
New Found Treasure 1 Letter
Torchbearer Award
No Letter, Nomination