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Girl Scout volunteer to travel to Peru for leadership conference

Allie Plack

Juliette Low Seminar is a global development program

MANCHESTER, NH | When it comes to offering girls the best leadership development program in the world – Girl Scouting - some volunteers will travel across the globe. Alexandra Plack, 27, of Manchester, has been chosen to participate in this year’s Juliette Low Seminar, and she’s making a trip to Peru this fall to do it.

The seminar is an international leadership development program in which participants spend a week with their peers in Girl Scouting and Girl Guiding, exploring ways to break gender barriers to leadership, developing their own leadership practice, and creating a plan to reach 100 girls in their local area while enjoying the adventure of a lifetime.

Participants must be between 18 and 30 years old. There will be up to 1,000 people chosen from around the world, meeting in 20 locations Nov. 14-20. It is based on the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) leadership model, and involves educational workshops and group learning, plus adventure challenges and chances to experience the local culture and environment, as well as connect with the community.

“I’m hoping I can create some kind of presentation,” said Plack, who’s looking forward to improving her leadership skills in general. “Maybe I can bring new ideas.”

This isn’t Plack’s first global adventure. “When I was a Girl Scout myself in Connecticut, we went to the Mexican World Centre (of WAGGGS), Our Cabaña,” she said. While there the summer between eighth and ninth grades, she enjoyed mingling with other troops and exploring Mexico’s vibrant culture. She also traveled to Europe for three weeks in high school with the People to People Student Ambassador program. “That was also a great experience,” she said, “learning each country’s history, the differences and similarities of our cultures, and, of course, food!”

The program “helps us to ensure we have strong leaders to continue the movement,” said Anne Canter, global program specialist with Girl Scouts of the USA. “It brings young women around the world together.”

Plack is an assistant with Manchester Girl Scout Troop 51793, which is a Brownie troop with one Girl Scout Junior. “Last year we had three different age groups,” she said. “I had the Daisies. This year it’s almost all Brownies and one Junior.” She is mentoring the one older girl. Daisies are girls in kindergarten and first grade, Brownies are in second and third grades, and Juniors are in fourth and fifth grades.

“I already have my passport,” said Plack. “Hiking will be huge there. Hopefully, one of the free days we can explore the culture there.”

When Plack is not busy traveling or helping her Girl Scout troop, she is a resource specialist at Wilson Employment Networks in Concord.

Plack is one of the many volunteers without whom Girl Scouts could not exist. It is the dedication and leadership of volunteers like her that allows Girl Scouts to unleash the G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader) in every girl, preparing her for a lifetime of leadership. Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains thanks Allison Plack for her contributions during April, National Volunteer Appreciation Month.

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