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Girl Scouts celebrate winter at Camp Kettleford

Kyleigh Bonenfant, 13; Katie Helgerson, 14; Hannah Griffin, 13; Lucie Raduazzo, 13, all of Amherst; and Riley Dunham, 13, of Mont Vernon, check out moose and deer antlers shed over the winter. It was part of their winter adventure at Camp Kettleford in Bedford on Feb. 8. (Courtesy photo)

BEDFORD, NH – Girl Scouts enjoyed a sunny winter day with snowshoeing, ice fishing, outdoor cooking, and more at Camp Kettleford on Saturday, Feb. 8.

With temperatures hovering about 22 degrees, the sunny day was perfect for winter adventure. The girls strapped on snowshoes to track deer, rabbits, and turkeys in the snow. They got to see antlers shed by moose and deer, and ventured onto the ice at Sebbins Pond where they used their muscles and teamwork to drill holes with ice augers, baited their hooks, set their tip-ups, and were rewarded with yellow perch and pickerel.

At the camp’s snow science area, the girls were able to experiment with how layering keeps one warm and how wildlife stays warm in the winter. They also learned ice safety and compared the lake ice from two lakes 150 miles apart – measuring the thickness of the ice, examining the layers to see how the ice formed, and estimating the strength of the ice.

The girls cooked their own lunch over a campfire, and enjoyed a hot cocoa bar to stay warm inside and out. They also used watercolor paint to create snow paintings, enjoyed snowball target practice, and proved that Girl Scouts go outdoors, no matter the weather!

Developing skills in the outdoors is one of the four pillars of the Girl Scout Experience, along with life skills, entrepreneurship, and STEM. Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains offers outdoor experiences year-round. Outdoor experiences in Girl Scouts provide opportunities for girls to discover, connect, and take action in ways that build their courage, confidence and character. These experiences increase girls’ understanding of the natural world and shape them into leaders who are conscientious about the world around them.

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