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Girl Scouts donate thousands of cookies to front-line workers


Elliot Hospital and Catholic Medical Center grateful for donations

BEDFORD, NH – Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains donated 1,200 packages of Girl Scout Cookies to the Elliot Health System and Catholic Medical Center on Monday, June 8. The Girl Scout council, which serves more than 10,000 girls in New Hampshire and Vermont, has decided to brighten the days of those working so hard to keep us all healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic by donating cookies that Girl Scouts were unable to sell when stay-at-home orders were put in place.

“Helping in difficult times is what Girl Scouts do,” said Patricia K. Mellor, CEO of the council. “We’re happy to provide a treat to the men and women who are keeping us safe while putting their own lives at risk as they work to take care of patients and keep the health care system working.”

Anne-Marie Hafeman, Community Engagement Manager for the Elliot Health System, said the front-line workers there will be happy to receive the treats, noting that they are just now opening their ambulatory offices. “The community support has been overwhelming!” she said.

Jennifer Pitre, Vice President of Philanthropy for CMC, said the Girl Scout Cookies will be distributed to front-line clinical staff, support staff like those doing laundry and cleaning, as well as furloughed workers. “They will be thrilled to have this act of generosity,” she said.