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Girl Scout, 6, is already an ambitious entrepreneur

3.21 Girl Scout Daisy Amelia Eckhardt

Amelia Eckhardt improves the world with cookie store and other projects

LANDGROVE, VT – Amelia Eckhardt may be only 6 years old, but she has the drive, confidence, and business savvy of any CEO. This Girl Scout Daisy and homeschooled first-grader is working hard to make the world a better place with Girl Scout Cookies, potholders, and her can-do attitude.

“Last year was her first cookie season,” said her mother, Kimberly Eckhardt, of Landgrove. “She set herself a lofty goal of 500 cookie boxes sold. To give you some perspective, there are only 120 people who live in our town. But, that was what she wanted to work towards, so that was what we set. I told her that although I would help her, I would not do anything for her.  For example, Amelia needed to learn to dial the phone and have conversations in order to sell cookies. She had to have conversations with adults in person as well.”

Kimberly set up a staff meeting at her workplace, and let Amelia do her Girl Scout Cookie presentation and field questions all on her own.

“She built a lot of confidence doing this, and by the end of February, she was chatting up everyone about cookies!” Kimberly said. “A woman in the hot tub at the ski mountain told Amelia she would love to buy cookies from her, but she doesn't live in Vermont. Amelia replied with, ‘That's OK, I have a business card with the address of my online cookie store! You can buy there and ship to your home.’ The other guests at the hot tub were suitably impressed as well, and that nice woman purchased cookies!”

Why does she do it? “Everyone can make a difference if they want to!” said Amelia.

She’s said she’s learned to always say please and thank you, and always be nice to people

Amelia has been homeschooled during this COVID-19 pandemic, and learned about sea turtles being hurt by plastic waste in the ocean. She decided to “get a job” to donate money to support turtles, and came up with the idea of weaving potholders to sell.

“She determined fair prices, and went to it,” Kimberly said. “Since we could not do any in public really, she decided to create flyers to advertise. We rode our bikes miles upon miles to put flyers in mailboxes. She talked to people on the phone. Eventually, when things started opening up over the summer, she chatted with people in person. She talked to a store owner, and they offered her space to do a pop-up shop and reach more customers. She jumped on this, too. She talked to all the customers, answered all their questions, and was quite confident in what she was doing, and why.”

Why potholders? “It’s the only thing I know how to make, besides hugs, but those are free!” she said.

Amelia has been busy with this since last April, and made donations to two charities, with a third lined up.  

Kimberly credits the Girl Scout Cookie Program with giving her daughter the skills to be a success, even at this young age.

“I have no doubt that the confidence she gained during cookie season is how this has come about, and part of why she believes that she can make a difference at six years old,” she said.

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