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Vermont woman receives Girl Scout Gold Award Military Ribbon

07.2021 military ribbon copy

National Guard Specialist Christina Wiles honored by Girl Scouts

BRANDON, VT – Vermont National Guard Specialist Christina Wiles of Brandon, 21, a Gold Award Girl Scout, will receive the new Gold Award Military Ribbon released by Girl Scouts of the USA.

This ribbon was designed to honor Gold Award Girl Scouts participating in military-affiliated programs as well as alums pursuing careers in the military. Gold Award Girl Scouts may proudly wear this ribbon on uniforms issued by their military-affiliated program or institution.

The collectible ribbon recognizes Wiles’ achievements as a member of the military. She became a Gold Award Girl Scout in 2018, creating a mentoring project between Middlebury Union High School students and Mary Hogan Elementary schoolchildren. The high school students helped younger children with reading, writing, sports, school projects, and more. She joined the Vermont National Guard in 2017 and is now a specialist in the military.

“I think it’s a continuation of what she’s learned from being in Girl Scouts, the courage, confidence, and character,” said her mother, Tina Wiles.

Christina Wiles is one of the first 50 Gold Award Girl Scouts to receive the ribbon.

Gold Award Girl Scout alums at non-federally funded military schools (including senior military colleges and maritime academies) may request permission to wear their ribbon on their school uniforms. The Gold Award Girl Scout Military Ribbon is not approved to wear on official Girl Scout uniforms or official U.S. armed service-affiliated uniforms. Gold Award Girl Scout alums with prior service or who are currently serving in the military, attending a service academy, or enrolled in an ROTC unit at a civilian school may claim their ribbon as a keepsake.

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