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Girl Scouts are smart entrepreneurs! Think about the fun activities you and your troop have ahead and how the 2022 Fall Product Program can help make them happen! The program begins October 1 and ends on October 24, and it promises to be a super fun way to kick off your Girl Scout Year! 

Girl Scouts can offer their customers an assortment of premium nuts, chocolates, and candies in person. Online, even more nut and chocolate options are available as well as new or renewed subscriptions to their favorite magazines. 

How To Get Started in the Fall Product Program

  1. Complete your 2022-2023 membership registration - REGISTER HERE
  2. Be sure you have given the 2023 troop annual permission slip to your leader. 
  3. Discuss and plan with your troop your troop goals and pick up your in-person order card.
  4. Visit (the M2 login) and click register to begin your program virtually. You can participate by taking orders in person, online, or both!

When the program begins on October 1, start sending emails in M2 to potential customers and reaching out to friends and family about the program.