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Short and Snappies

Short and Snappy trainings are quick (15-20 minute) information segments provided at a community meeting. Any Community Learning Coordinator or interested volunteer can lead a Short and Snappy- try one out today!

Partnering with Parents

Being a troop leader can be challenging at times, so get the most out of your girls' parents! There are tons of ways to get parents involved with a troop, and the strongest troops balance their support through parenting, communicating, volunteering, learning at home, decision-making, and community collaboration. Learn new ways to communicate effectively with parents and ask for their help when it is needed.

Partnering With Parents PDF


Starting the Girl Scout Year

With fall approaching, a new Girl Scout year is beginning, and with it you may have a case of "new school year jitters." Whether you're a seasoned volunteer or new to Girl Scouting, learn ice breakers, tips to make your girls feel welcome, and five steps to follow to start the year off right!

Starting the Girl Scout Year PDF

Supporting Positive Behaviors

Sometimes leaders or parents are so enthusiastic about certain activities that the girl’s interests and skill levels may get overlooked. Mistakes are part of learning, so learn how to allow girls to experience “safe” failure, and talk through what worked, what didn’t, and what could be done better next time.

Supporting Positive Behaviors

Girl Led Progression

Talk through challenging behaviors that you have experienced, and learn why kids behave the way they do, what they’re trying to communicate with their behaviors, and what you can do to help them change their behavior in the future.

Girl Led Progression PDF

Patch Programs

Patch programs include requirements and activity suggestions for troops, groups, or individual girls. All packets can be mailed, picked up at our Bedford office, or downloaded from the website to bring fun earned activities to your girls year after year.

Patch Programs PDF

Safety Activity Checkpoints

What happened to Safety-Wise? It's now Safety Activity Checkpoints and Volunteer Essentials! With this S&S, you can test your knowledge of our different safety rules!

Short and Snappy - Safety Activity Checkpoints Worksheet
Safety Activity Checkpoints

World Thinking Day

Each year on February 22, girls participate in activities and projects with global themes to honor our sister Guides and Scouts around the world. Check out this S&S to learn more!

World Thinking Day PDF

Customizing Your Journey

The National Leadership Journeys help ensure that all Girl Scouts get the same general themes and lessons, but there are still a lot of ways to customize them to fit your group. This S&S can help you learn how!

Customize Your Journey PDF

Throw Away Your Troubles

Sometimes group discussions get out of hand. This activity can help you share problems or issues by jazzing up the round-table concept.

Throw Away Your Troubles PDF

Investitures & Rededications

These ceremonies are usually held at the beginning of each Girl Scout year. They can be combined for a troop, group, or Community that is investing and rededicating girls and adults at the same time.

Investitures & Rededications PDF

Community Service vs. Take Action Projects

Learn and understand the difference between Community Service and a Take Action Project.

Community Service vs. Take Action Project