Troop Bank Account Information | GSGWM
  • 2023-2024 Group & Service Unit Bank Account Information

    This form must be completed annually, and is not an authorization letter to open a GSGWM bank account.
  • Funds remaining $ were transferred to on date: or to GSGWM on: .

  • To be completed even if there are no changes to the account

  • Signers

    There must be a minimum of three signers on the account, all of whom must be registered Girl Scout volunteers who are NOT related or in the same household. One signer must be the COMMUNITY ACCOUNTING COORDINATOR

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    • Complete this form by Oct 31, or within two weeks of changing signers or opening a new account. NOTE: When you are reporting a closed account with a remaining balance, the balance must be forwarded to
      GSGWM with this form.
    • New Accounts are required to attach a voided check or a deposit slip with this form.
      (this is used to confirm the correct bank account # is listed)
    • As signers on this account, be aware GSGWM authorized to access any information about this account and to initiate debit and /or credit entries to this same account.
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