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Financial Assistance Form

Financial assistance is a supplementary way for girls or adults demonstrating need to participate in Girl Scouts. Financial assistance is granted based on the information provided and availability of funds. Financial assistance funds are meant to supplement funds that girls, troops and groups have saved or generated from money-earning projects and should not be expected to cover 100 percent of any request. Our council considers financial assistance for membership, troop dues/supplies, programs and camp.

Girls who have earned Cookie Dough must utilize their Cookie Dough funds before financial assistance is awarded.

For Membership Requests:

Families or individuals may request financial assistance for annual membership online through our membership registration system. Girl Scout Membership Year (October 1 - September 30).  Choose the troop opportunity that best fits your needs or choose unsure.  Unsure members will be contacted about placement within 1 week of application.

Click on the links below to go to our online membership system. 

Girl Membership: Join Today!

Adult Membership: Be a Volunteer!

On the Registration Summary screen - select the financial aid box and check out

For Camp Requests: 

Families or individuals may request financial assistance for up to $600 for either 2-one week camp sessions or 1-two week camp session.  This request must be completed via a paper for which can be found HERE.

For Troop Dues or Supplies, or Program complete and submit the form below.

Incomplete applications will not be processed. Parents MUST complete this form for a girl applicant. List only one person per form. 

Member Information


Eligibility Information

To establish your eligibility for GSGWM Financial Assistance, please complete sections A, B, & C.  

Section A

Section B

Please provide ONE of the following



 Item 1



Section C
 Girl is a new GSGWM Member

Financial Assistance Grant Requests

Each qualified girl is eligible for 2 requests plus 1 camp (2-one week sessions or 1-two week session) or travel grant per membership year. Each qualified adult is eligible for 2 requests per membership year. Membership year runs October 1 - September 30. Select item(s) being requested below.

 Supply Voucher Grant - Up to $50 of eligible items from the Mountain Top Shop
 Program Grant
 Travel Grant - Up to $600

Supply Voucher Grant

Supply Vouchers are available for eligible girls and adult volunteers and include eligible items from The Mountain Top Shop.  Items may be picked up at either store location or mailed to you.

These items include:

  • Girl Supply Voucher Items:
    Up to $50 of Eligible Items

    • Girl Scout Sash, Vest or Tunic
    • Troop Numbers
    • Flag Patch
    • Council ID set
    • Membership pin
    • World Association pin
    • Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting
  • Adult Supply Voucher Items:

    • Pin Tab
    • Official Membership Pin
    • World Association Pin

Troop Dues

Troop Dues are available, upon Troop Leader request, to girl members of a GSGWM troop.  Amount Granted (up to $40) will be sent directly to the troop bank account and the leader will be notified.  To request Troop Dues, the Troop Leader should contact Customer Care.

Program Grant

Please answer xx/xx/xxxx

Travel Grant

Please answer xx/xx/xxxx

Additional Information

If you have any other additional information you would like to submit for consideration for your financial aid request, you can do that here.


Form MUST be signed by the parent/guardian of the girl, or if the request is for an adult, signed by that adult.

Note: By writing your full name here you are electronically signing this form.