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Opportunity Catalog Survey

The Opportunity Catalog (Opp Cat) is an online listing of spaces available in troops within our council (NH and VT). The listing shares troop meeting information, day, time, location, details about what the troop likes to do and openings available in the troop. The Opp Cat is how girls (and adults) can choose how they want to participate in Girl Scouts based on what fits best with their needs and schedules. It is the Troop Leader’s responsibility to keep their troop listing up to date throughout the GS year.

Thank you for being a Troop Leader!
First and Last

Troop Leader Primary Contact

This is the Troop Leader that we’ll contact first when necessary.  All Troop Leaders will continue to receive organizational emails.

First and Last





Troop Leader(s)

First and Last




Please list their name and if they are returning here.

Troop Member Information

 A.) We’ll be back for the 2019-2020 GS year!
 B.) We want to continue but are losing girls or adults.
 C.) We are not sure of the status of our troop.
 D.) Our troop will likely disband.
 E.) Our troop will definitely disband.
 F.) Our girls are graduating at the end of this school year.
If you choose options D, E, or F of this question, you do not have to continue the questionnaire. Please scroll to and acknowledge the five statements at the end of this form and submit. A member support specialist will reach out to you shortly.




 Daisy (grade K and 1)
 Brownie (grade 2 and 3)
 Junior (grade 4 and 5)
 Cadette (grade 6, 7 and 8)
 Senior (grade 9 and 10)
 Ambassador (grade 11 and 12)
 Multi-Level (a combination of grade levels)




Provide any additional details as needed. For example: Our troop currently has 13 girls, 5 have renewed for 2019-2020, 2 are not renewing and 1 is moving away



This is the total current members PLUS additional spots for new or transferring girls to join. For more information on troop size expectations and safety ratio guidelines see pages 17-18 of Volunteer Essentials


 YES! We love welcoming new girls.
 Yes! We love welcoming new girls but we need help recruiting more girls or recruiting more adults to help meet the proper expectation and safety guidelines.
 Our troop is full with the girls we have but we understand that if someone doesn’t return to the troop we will have openings to welcome girls.
 Other (please explain)

Troop Information

When families are choosing a troop there are many considerations. As you answer the next few questions keep in mind that a parent wants to know as much about the new troop as possible to make the best choice for their daughter. 

 We are a newer troop and are still figuring out our identity.
 Our troop likes to focus on badges and journeys.
 Our troop is happy when they are deciding their own way.
 Our troop loves creative projects.
 Our troop loves the outdoors.
 Our troop is interested in STEM.
 Our troop focuses on community service.
 Our troop is working towards a higher award (Bronze, Silver, Gold).
 Our troop is planning to travel.
 Our troop is made up of home-schooled girls.
 Our troop meets at a school that requires attendance at that school to be a part of the group.
 Our troop loves high adventure activities.
 Our troop is rooted in Girl Scout traditions and loves learning new ones.
 Our troop is focusing on college and career readiness.
 Other (please explain)


 Our Troop meets during the school year only.
 Our Troop meets mainly during the school year and occasionally over the summer.
 Our Troop meets mainly during the school year with one or two additional activities over the summer.
 Our Troop meets all year round.
 Other (please explain):




Start Time
End Time


 Bi-weekly (every other week)
 Twice a month (for example the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month)
 Other (please explain):




ex.: Smith School, 123 Main St, Anywhere, VT or Private Home, Anyplace, NH or Community Rec Center, 23 Jones Ave, Overthere, NH


 Stay the same.
 Probably stay the same, but may change. If it changes, we will let you know.
 Change. When we know the new information, we will let you know.
 We are not sure of meeting information for the fall. We understand that this information is needed for the Opportunity Catalog and will get it to you as soon as possible.

By submitting this form, I understand the following:

* The following statements are all required. If you chose options D, E, or F on question 11, please acknowledge and submit.

 I have reviewed and understand the GSUSA Safety guidelines for adult/girl ratios.

(Page 17 of Volunteer Essentials)

 I have reviewed and understand the Troop Size Expectations and will welcome girls to my Troop within those guidelines.

(Page 18 of Volunteer Essentials)

 If I (or any Troop Leader) does not renew their membership before 6/30 I will not have continued access to the Volunteer Tool Kit. The access to the VTK will not be reinstated until my 2020 membership is purchased.


 I understand that it is my responsibility to contact the council through throughout the year to make changes to my Opportunity Catalog listing.


 I understand that if there are openings listed on my Opportunity Catalog our Troop must welcome a girl who joins based on that opening.