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Summer Camp Staff Application

To apply for summer camp staff please use the form below or use the paper version and return it following the directions on the form.  


Contact Information

  Camp Farnsworth, Thetford, VT (Resident Camp, Camp Dates June 30 - August 16, 2019)
  Camp Kettleford, Bedford, NH (Day Camp, Camp Dates July 8 - August 23, 2019)
  Camp Seawood, Portsmouth, NH (Day Camp, Camp Dates July 8 - August 15, 2019)
  Camp Twin Hills, Richmond, VT (Day Camp, Camp Dates July 8 - August 2, 2019)

Training Schedule for 2019

  • Skills Week:  June 21 - 23 at Camp Kettleford
    • First Aid/CPR, Lifeguarding, Archery, AirSoft, Boating, and Outdoor Cooking
  • Staff Training: June 16 - 30
    • Dates vary by camp
     Director (min age 25)
     Assistant Director (min age 21)
     Health Supervisor (min age 21)
     Program Director (min age 21)
     Unit Leader (min age 21)
     Unit Assistant (min age 18)
     Archery/AirSoft Specialist (min age 18)
     Lifeguard/Boating Specialist (min age 18)
     Business Manager (min age 21)
     Equestrian Director (min age 21)
     Riding Staff (English/Western Style, min age 18)
     Waterfront Director (LGT/WSI, min age 21)
     Waterfront Assistant (LGT, min age 18)
     Adventure Specialist/Ropes Course (min age 18)
     Trip Leader (Bike/Hike/Canoe, min age 21)
     Art/Woodshop Specialist (min age 18)
     Ecology/Science Specialist (min age 18)
     Dining Hall Steward (min age 18)

For each skill, please rate your level of skill as: (1) Something you would like to learn; (2) Something you have experience with; or (3) Something you have certification in or can teach.


Select Your Certification then list the organization and expiration date in the corresponding text box.

 First Aid
 CPR-Professional Rescuer
 Wilderness First Aid
 Water Safety Instructor
 Small Craft Certification
 Ropes Course/Adventure
First Aid: Organization and Expiration Date
CPR/AED: Organization and Expiration Date
CPR-Professional Rescuer: Organization and Expiration Date
Wilderness First Aid: Organization and Expiration Date
Lifeguard: Organization and Expiration Date
Water Safety Instructor: Organization and Expiration Date
Small Craft Certification: Organization and Expiration Date
Ropes Course/Adventure: Organization and Expiration Date
Archery: Organization and Expiration Date
Other: Organization and Expiration Date


List 3 references, not related to you, who have definite knowledge of your character, experience, and qualifications for this position.

Reference #1


Reference #2


Reference #3



I certify that the above information is correct and give you permission to contact my above references; I further authorize these references to release to you all information that they have about me. I know that if hired, I am expected to attend all trainings, skills days, and work the entire camp season. I recognize that Girl Scout membership is a condition of employment; and that it is my responsibility to turn in all hiring paperwork, proof of certifications, and health forms prior to the start of employment.