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Troop Packet

Thank you so much for volunteering to be a Girl Scout Troop Leader. Girl Scouting can’t happen without great volunteers like you!

Your Troop Packet contains the most commonly used forms and resources for troop leaders.

If you have difficulty finding the form you need, contact Customer Care at

Volunteer Essentials — This updated version of Volunteer Essentials is the go-to resource for troop leaders' questions.

Council Policies and Procedures for Volunteers — This list of Council Policies and Procedures is another resource for troop leaders' questions.

Safety Activity Checkpoints — Each Safety Activity Checkpoint has in-depth safety guidelines and tips that adult volunteers can use for a wide range of activities, ranging from canoeing to surfing to selling cookies. Addition: Virtual Troop Meetings Safety Activity Checkpoint.

Getting Started: Forms and Resources

These are the forms you will need to have for your first parent/guardian meeting:

Blank Girl and Adult Health History Forms Be sure to have one for each girl and each adult.  Keep with you at all times.

Procedures for Collecting Heath History Forms — Instructions on how to collect Health History Forms. Remember all personal information is kept confidential.

Annual Permission Slip — Parental Permission for yearlong use for events and activities. You only need to have this completed once and can be used for low risk events.

Families Make It Happen Have family members fill out this form to let you know how they can be involved in supporting the troop this year.

New Leader's Guide to Success — The New Leader’s Guide to Success contains guidelines and information that will help prepare new troop leaders to effectively lead during their first year as a Girl Scout volunteer.

Emergency Information Forms

Always have these forms available:

Crisis Communication Form — What to do in the event of a serious accident, emergency or fatality. You should always have a copy of this form as part of your troop first aid kit. Look for a hard copy to be handed out at your first leaders’ meeting.

Incident and Issue Report Use this form to document any incident that may escalate into an issue, emergency or crisis. Submit to your local Volunteer Support Coordinator (VSC). If you don’t have a VSC, please send it to

Running Your Troop

Everything else you will need for a successful Girl Scout year:

Troop Startup Checklist — For new leaders, here's a list of what you need to get yourself and your troop ready for a great year.

Troop Leader Position Description Form — This summarizes your role as a Girl Scout volunteer. A Troop Leader supports a girl-led troop by encouraging and guiding girls to make decisions together while pursuing their interests and goals.

Troop Volunteer Position Description Form — Agreement form for anyone who is a helper, chaperone, or driver for your troop. 

Troop Product Sale Coordinator Agreement — Agreement form for anyone who is coordinating Fall Product and/or Cookie sales for your troop.

Troop Bank Account Information — All troop accounts are required to file the Bank Form annually with GSGWM by October 31. Provide a copy to your Community Accounting Coordinator (CAC).

Guide to Submitting your Annual Financial Report — This is a guide to submitting your Annual Troop/Group Financial Report via the VTK.

2022 Annual Troop/Group Financial Report — This Excel spreadsheet is used to track all troop income and expenses. When possible, please submit your financial report via the VTK. 
Google Drive Version
2022 Annual Troop/Group Financial Report

Troop-Group Money Earning Request — If a troop needs additional funds beyond fall products and cookie sales, this form should be submitted to their CAC. If you don’t have a CAC, please send it to

Why Your Troop Needs a Sponsor — Sponsors can provide support to the troop in many ways, and in turn your troop will express their appreciation to that sponsor. Troop Sponsorship Form

Managing a Multi-Level Troop — Anytime you have more than one age level under one troop number, you are a multi-level troop. Tips on how to successfully manage a multi-level troop.

Field Trips and Troop Travel

Travel is currently allowed on a conditional basis and troop plans may need to change in order to respond to changing COVID-19 numbers. Troops should reach out to Customer Care before they begin planning a trip of one night or longer.. 

Girl Scout Guide to U.S. Travel — A guide from GSUSA that can help you, your girls, and their parents to assess travel readiness.

Traveling with Girl Scouts — A consolidated packet of all troop travel information and forms. Individual documents can be found below.

Traveling During COVID-19 — This supplementary document to the Travel Packet contains FAQs and guidance on traveling during a global health concern such as COVID-19.

Individual Travel Documents and Forms:

Determining Your Trip Tier & Travel Basics — Descriptions and requirements of the different travel tiers and other basic information.

Troop Activity and Quick Trip ChecklistFor Tier 1-3 trips. Use this checklist to ensure you are adhering to all council policies and guidelines regarding troop trips and activities that will last 2 nights or less and/or are less than 4 hours away.

Single Event Permission SlipFor Tier 1-5 trips. Parental permission for a single use, one-time event or activity. This form can be used by the troop leader or parent who prefers to complete a single-use permission form for each event or activity in which troop members participate.

Timeline for Domestic Extended TripsFor Tier 4 trips. Use this checklist for any trip that is longer than 2 nights and/or is more than 4 hours away.

Timeline For International Extended TripsFor Tier 5 trips. Use this checklist for any trip that is longer than 2 nights and/or is more than 4 hours away, is outside of the United States, and requires documentation to enter another country.

Intent to Travel FormFor Tier 4-5 trips. This form is due 4-6 months prior to travel dates for domestic travel and one year prior to travel dates for international travel.

Checklist for Troops Going on an Extended TripFor Tier 4-5 trips. A checklist that must be completed by both girls and adults in the troop. Submit with initial trip paperwork 4-6 months prior to a domestic trip and 1 year prior to international travel.

Troop Trip Budget WorksheetRequired for Tier 4-5 trips, and helpful for all other tiers. A budget worksheet to help troops plan for their trip. This form must be submitted at least 4-6 weeks prior to the trip and resubmitted if the budget changes.  

Planning and Holding a Parent Meeting for an Extended TripFor Tier 4-5 trips. A checklist for keeping parents/guardians informed and involved in the trip planning process.

Sample for Participant Code of ConductFor Tier 1-5 trips. A sample Participant Code of Conduct document for any trip. Troops should create their own with input from troop members.

Girl Health History Form for Extended TripsFor Tier 5 trips. This girl form should be used for International Extended Trips in place of the standard Girl/Adult Health History Form.  

Adult Health History Form for Extended Trips For Tier 5 trips. This adult form should be used for International Extended Trips in place of the standard Girl/Adult Health History Form.

Plan a Great Girl Scout Year

Free and Inexpensive Trips — Some ideas for simple, easy activities.

Girl Scout Outdoor Progression Chart — Some ideas for simple, easy ways to get your girls outdoors.

Girl Scout Bridging Guide — Some Bridging basics for all age levels.  

Supplemental Resources

Stop, Walk, Talk — The Positive Behavioral Intervention Support (PBIS) Leader's Guide to address bullying at troop meetings and events.

Brainstorming — Brainstorming allows girls to share their thoughts and ideas around a specific topic. It’s a great way to keep the troop girl-led.

Ceremonies — An overview of Girl Scout ceremonies and ideas on how to plan ceremonies with girls.

Cool Chats — How to use stories to discuss sensitive topics.

Online Resources — Important websites, Facebook pages, and other digital resources for leaders and volunteers.

Ten Minute Time Fillers — Great ideas for making the most of your meeting time.

Looking for a form or resource not listed?  Please contact Customer Care.