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Throughout the year, Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains publishes several publications. For your convenience, they are listed here for easy downloading!

The Girl Scout Backpack

Debuting in 2021, The Girl Scout Backpack is our newsletter for girls and their families and is packed with information. The newsletter will be mailed to households a few times a year.

  • April 2022 - This issue focuses on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Girl Scouts encourages this growth, providing countless opportunities for Girl Scouts of all ages to nurture the natural scientist inside them. Today, Girl Scouts is, as it always has been, the organization best positioned to help girls develop important STEM competencies they need to become the next generation of female leaders—and to change the world in big and small ways!
  • February 2022 - This issue focuses on camp and the outdoors. Girl Scouts’ outdoor programming features a variety of fun, challenging, and experiential activities that empower girls as they develop attitudes, skills, and behaviors essential to effective leadership in the outdoors. Inside this issue, you'll find stories about national outdoor badges, the benefits of outdoor experiences, day and resident camps, troop and family camping, upcoming dates, a troop spotlight, and more! 
  • December 2021 - This issue focuses on entrepreneurship. Encouraging an interest in entrepreneurship builds curiosity, confidence, and problem-solving skills—qualities that prepare Girl Scouts for academic and career success. Inside this issue, you'll find stories about the Girl Scout Cookie Program, program credits, the new Adventurefuls Girl Scout cookie, upcoming dates, a troop spotlight, and more! 
  • October 2021 - This issue focuses on the life skills that are so important to every Girl Scout's success as she grows up. Inside, you'll find stories about how parents can help with school worries, the 28 new badges, GSRI results about mental health, upcoming dates, highest awards, a troop spotlight, and more!


GSGWM Impact Report

The Impact Report is our end-of-the-year report. View our financials and see what our members have accomplished over the membership year (October 1 - September 30).